Russian opposition leader regains consciousness after more than 2 weeks in a coma | News

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Russian opposition leader regains consciousness after more than 2 weeks in a coma. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny regained consciousness fro...

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Russian opposition leader regains consciousness after more than 2 weeks in a coma.
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny regained consciousness from a medical coma and responded to voice stimuli.

The situation of the Russian opposition leader is improving, The Guardian on September 7 quoted information from Charite Hospital in Berlin, Germany, where Alexei Navalny's treatment was given.

"The condition of Alexei Navalny, who received treatment at Chartie - Universitätsmedizin Berlin since August 22, 2020, has improved" - the hospital in Germany stated in its opening statement.

According to the hospital, the Russian opposition leader had regained consciousness from a medical coma and was receiving a ventilator withdrawal. Alexei Navalny is also reacting to verbal stimuli.

However, Sputnik cited a statement from the German hospital, noting that even though he has stopped breathing the machine, it is still necessary to wait to see the effects of "severe poisoning" with Navalny.

The hospital treating the Russian opposition leader also confirmed the continued contact with the wife of the Russian opposition leader, insisting that from now on, the disclosure of details on the Russian opposition leader's medical condition will follow. Mr. Navalny's personal wishes.

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